Xstrata Copper Refinery, Townsville

As an integral part of the site safety system of the Townsville Copper Refinery Site, a periodic structural inspection of site structures including buildings, pipe bridges, tanks, suspended walkways etc was conducted.  LCJ Engineers carried out site structural inspections at the site in 2002, 2006 and 2011. 

This work included undertaking condition inspections of all existing buildings and compiling reports identifying and prioritising any maintenance issues.  The report identified safety and ongoing maintenance issues.  LCJ Engineers was further commissioned to complete the design and documentation of repair options for some of the high priority safety issues identified.

LCJ Engineers also carried out a structural inspection of the Xstrata port facility in 2012.

LCJ Engineers also provided a detailed structural assessment on all infrastructure at the Copper Refinery site in Townsville for the purposes of demolition.  The assessment commented on the form of construction of the buildings and identified materials / construction techniques that could present potential safety risks during demolition.

Our report identified any reasonably foreseeable structural risks associated with the demolition of the Townsville Copper Refinery site.  As part of this process LCJ Engineers conducted a desktop review of available structural documentation and subsequently carried out site inspections of each building.